Ways to condense a patch?

im not sure this is available in vcv rack but is there a way to condense a patch so that it ends up looking like a single module with some ins/outs?

i made a big lighting control patch and now that its finished i was wondering if theres a way to only expose the stuff i need to access during a gig and make it sleek and easier to follow with labels for my controls and all that stuff. or is this somemthing i would do in Max msp?

No, this is not possible.

you can arrange just the modules you need as you like em,
and put all others outasight in the vcv-grid

You could create a front end for a patch and have it in a different area so you don’t see the real patch. There is even a module that you can put cable in and it comes out somewhere else in another module (sort of ‘wirelessly’ I suppose) but I can’t remember the name of it.

There are some controller modules as well which might help with the front end, plus things like NYSTHI’s Jooper and Computer Scare’s Father & Son modules.

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Something like this should be possible in the VST version of VCV V2 I think, host an instance of VCV running the patch you’d like ‘condensed’ in VCV Host.

Ooh interesting, vcv v2 is not out yet right

Word, thanks everyone for suggestions!

Maybe I’ll do a midi controller and keep my laptop outta sight.

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I totes hope we’ll be able to nest VCV VSTs indefinitely, but much more practically right now, why not make a part of the patch the control area, and leave the rest of it out of sight? The rack is infinite and cables can be as long as you want, after all.

Some modules I’d personally use to make a live “Ground Control” kinda setup:

  • AS Controllers (mostly triggers)
  • Vult Knobs
  • Impromptu Modular TACT & TACT-1 (for slow sweeps)
  • Stoermelder CV-MAP & μMap to control knobs that have no CV input
  • Submarine TD-202 for labeling

These are wonderful suggestions that I was not aware of, thank u!

Running VCV Rack for DAWs simultaneously with VCV Rack will not be supported, at least upon initial release.

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But VCV RfD will be able to host itself yes?

teleport (tp) from little utils achieves much the same effect. Put your master patch in the center, you surround your “subpatches” with tp ins and outs (and stoermelder strip, probably) and keep them off screen.

(I would also really like a proper “subpatch enclosure”, ideally with a customizable panel.)

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Much more practically, will multiple VST instances within the same host be supported from the start? I’m hoping to make multiple small single purpose patches rather than wrangle multiple midi channels and audio outs

It will probably work, but it won’t be supported.

Yes, multiple instances of Rack for DAWs can be used in your DAW.

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