.wav on the fly?

I love the Voxglitch Autobreak from @clone45 and nysthi’s simpliciter for chopping up samples. Im a drummer and live performer, and would love a way to do these slice-ups live. Autobreak doesnt allow “push” of .wavs and Simpliciter has stability issues on my system. Does anyone have a recommendation for live-sampling into an autobreak workflow?


SickoSampler is very stable, records in real-time and can modulate loop start/end points, so it’s worth a look. Sadly however, I haven’t found anything that works the same as the mighty Simpliciter, which randomly bombs out rack on Windows now. Maybe we’ll get an update if we ask @synthi really nicely…please? :wink:


For crashes and any bug, really, providing the developer with a reliable, preferably minimal, repro goes a loooong way towards getting it fixed.

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Hi! Can you describe what “pushing” .wav files would do? Maybe I can update Autobreak or create a new module for live slicing?



Instead of loading existing wav files, it could receive sampled clips in real time. Essentially sampling to a buffer and using that instead of actual wavs.