Water Droplets

Here’s my second video recording of Cardinal / VCV Rack, I have been making some music but with this video I was experimenting with just random water droplet type sounds. Open to feedback …


very interesting sounds :slight_smile:

i wouldn’t necessarily know you were going for water drops unless you said so, but it sounds cool nonetheless :stuck_out_tongue:

and in case you weren’t aware, Mutable Instruments’ “Macro Oscillator 2” has a mode that with a little tweaking sounds exactly like running water / water droplets.

if you hit the top right button 3 times from an initialized module, then set the knobs around where they’re set in this screenshot, and tweak them to your liking, you can get some really nice water sounds.


I think it needs some pitchbending. Can you put an env somewhere to make the pitch go up?

It already has an envelope on the pitch, there are two ADSR (one of them delayed) which make the pitch go above and below the tone as the drop is triggered, but it’s only a rough idea, using two delayed ADSR to control the pitch variation may not be the best way.

For the pitchbending maybe Bogaudio’s CHIRP through a bit of reverb.

Hmm. It may be better for a “Spring Peepers” sound, depending on the TIME setting.


Previously: https://community.vcvrack.com/t/how-to-synthesize-dripping-trickling-water/

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This is cool, I like to make droplet/water sounds too. I’d say it’s more of a zap than a droplet sound, but they’re similar in approach. @alefnull your suggestion is spot on! It’s particle noise mode, which is great. Even better, the Plaits clone Palette is polyphonic, so 16 channels of particle noise through a stereo spread makes quite a convincing rain sound. I used at the start of this:

You can also patch this from scratch using triggers to ping filters, band pass or phasers work well.

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Here is another completely new separate water droplet bubble patch I made, open to feedback:

First time I posted the link it was broken, here is a repost

Will need to check out all those other links as well, thanks for sharing.

Nice, that second version is much more ‘watery’! I find for making bubbling sounds, you want more than one bubble sounding at once. Patching things polyphonically helps, or just duplicate the modules a few times and get them bubbling at different rates. Apologies if you’ve already done that, I can’t tell exactly what’s going on in the patch :wink:

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Hello, AI Macro Oscillator 1 has a setting called PRTC which sounds very water droplet like. I have used that setting a number of times to achieve that sound. See if that works for you.

Here is the second bubble patch with some additional music synths layered on top today

Normally, I don’t post samples of my music before I finish an album, this is an initial draft.

By the way, I did add an instance of macro oscillator into this now too, but it’s very subtle.