Warning - MacOS Catalina 10.15

Just a heads-ups. Getting an awful lot of emails warning about the next mac version 10.15. They recommend not upgrading for compatibility of software.

Not on mac myself but thought I’d share! Sorry no further info.


All 32 bit software will cease to function (permanently!).


Compatibility with other software

Many developers CDM contacted were not yet ready to make an official statement on Catalina. Off the record, a significant number of developers reported problems.

Native Instruments published a blanket statement saying simply none of their products are compatible:

macOS 10.15 (Catalina) – Compatibility with Native Instruments Products

PreSonus has published a technical note explaining that you’ll need not only an update to their Studio One DAW, but also to most (or all) of your plug-ins, as illustrated above:

Studio One 4 on Mojave and Catalina – Notarization, Hardened Runtime, and how it affects 3rd-party plug-ins

Apple has not necessarily had full support for a new OS even for its own pro software; I’ve contacted Apple to ask if Logic Pro will support Catalina at launch but have not yet gotten a response. (There is a precedent of Apple’s own pro apps sometimes lagging their OS, before you make the assumption that they two will be in sync.)


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Sometimes Apple is really good at sawing off the branch it’s sitting on.


Note that this change will not affect VCV Rack as it and all plugins support 64-bit.


What about the Notarization and Hardened Runtime? Those are not about Apple dropping 32 bit support.

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VCV Rack is notarized with hardened runtime enabled since version 1.1.2.
Of course for other software, the user should be able to run sudo spctl --master-disable in the Terminal to disable Gatekeeper.


Their computers and OS are really nice, but they do have a history of these kinds of shenanigans!

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I mean I guess if you are the type that just hauls off and upgrades to new operating systems… I can’t say those particular shenanigans have ever affected me.

oh, outch!

Apple really are starting to roof over the closed garden now.

I won’t ever upgrade my 2015 iMac beyond 10.14 but the option to avoid 10.15 and beyond will not be available to purchasers of the next generation of new hardware.

Curse you, Apple ! :frowning:

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