VultModules 0.5.2

hi there,

is there any location where I can find a zip with the VultModules 0.5.2 modules? I had rack 0.5.1, with an old patch which those modules that sound “pretty awesome”, but can’t find those builds. And on new versions, it break it down and doesn’t works.

where can I find it? or do you have on your old archives to kindly share?


I have an archive of Rack 1.x plugins. 0.x is too far back, sorry.

If you can compile on your own, here are the sources:

(Vult modules are not open source, I think this is just the documentation/readme)

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So it’s best to mail to and ask for binaries fo V0.5.2

Are you able to compile the v0.5 branch?

I’ve tried, but when I make dep, on building openssl-1.1.0g.tar.gz, I got this:

any clues why?

Sorry, I don’t have old sources for VCV. It’s better to ask @modlfo for binaries.

I’ve ask it, but he doesn’t have them anymore :slightly_frowning_face:

You can find Rack 0.5 here: GitHub - VCVRack/Rack at v0.5

Maybe it makes sense to create a new question on Developer section?

Maybe rename this thread to ‘Who can compile VultModules 0.5.2 for Windows?’ (or the OS you need it for).