The new Vult update crashes VCVRack 2 on my 2012 Macbook Pro running 10.15.7. Seems the only way now to open VCV is to go to documents and physically move all Vult plug ins to trash . My main machine is a new Mini M1 - anyone have a problem here before I update?

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This is what’s in my log (Windows)

[2.897 warn src/plugin.cpp:194 loadPlugin] Could not load plugin ./plugins/VultModulesFree: Plugin defines module Fuser but it is not defined in manifest

Thank you for the report. It looks like the issue is in the free modules. I forgot to add Fuser to the manifest. You can edit the manifest manually and add the following text:

      "slug": "Fuser",
      "name": "Fuser",
      "tags": [
      "description": "Voltage Mixer"

I will send a new build in a few minutes.


Tag typo.


Oooh I always wanted a Mizer…

Sorry, I already fixed the typo. You’ll have to live with a Mixer instead.


It should be fixed now in version 2.0.8.

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