vult retrigger (loop mode): what's done in your opinion?


i’ve compared a generic signal which reset the phase, compared to the vult one in loop mode:

it seems (on orange tick - i.e. when loop mode retrigger the envelope) that is mess with the phase also? is this a sort of “home made” retrigger mode or what’s up? never seen somethings similar.

just to learn somethings new; its not related with vol env…

your opinions?

No one have idea about this?

What module are you talking about ?

Trummor2 in the specific case. I think thats the same on Spank (i.e. same envelope generator).

  • Mode:
  • Soft: provides longer transitions times and less snappy envelope.
  • Hard: faster transition times and more snappy envelope.
  • Loop: special mode for making snare-like sounds. Attack defines the rising and decaying time of each repetition, Hold defines the time that the envelope will repeat and Decay the final decaying time.

Of course man, thats pretty clear. I was talking about “how” the envelope restart; looks at my picture: when I draw the line, in the bottom its a sine signal that restart normally (the same, just working on a/r setting). On top (i.e. trummor2) you see that when the sine of trummor restart, some “magic” happens (the signal seems inverter for a bit?).

Also, each restart is different… (along my “Paint” draw line).

Sorry I can’t help you, I do not understand what the problem is and what you expect to be happening, you see things I don’t see, or expect things I know nothing about, just wait and someone who is on your level will come and explain it.

So, on your picture, you are resetting the sine wave (sync), trummor2 is resetting the envelope, (not sync). If you take the trummor2 signal and continue the wave, you’ll see what I’m talking about. There is no magic, trummor2 is doing exactly what any envelope generator would do to a sine wave. Trummor2 does not reset the wave when triggered. Anyway, we are just trying to help get you an answer to your question.

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