Vult Opulus not making polyphony today - Solved

I am thoroughly confused, my old patches with Opulus are still polyphonic, but the new patch I started today will not play chords. I am using the Midi CV module and have changed the poly settings and still monophonic.

Here is the patch in question. bubbles.vcv (3.9 MB)

Maybe there is something I have overlooked, but it is odd that my old patches work fine and this is not working right at all. @modlfo maybe you can assist

I have a bunch of missing modules from your patch. But I tested Opulus with my own patches and it seems to be working fine for me. The polyphony works correctly.

If you can reduce your patch to just the minimal modules I can give it a second try.

Thanks, I am just perplexed at this end, I will make that reduction send again.

Aye carumba, I should have reduced the chain first, the filter I was putting opulus into was monophonic and making it skip notes. So stupid to not take away a few things before coming here to ask dumb questions thank you Mr. Ruiz for the exceptional modules.