Vult Knock Is SUPER LOUD!?

I try not to post the same track twice in the forums but what is up with the Vult Knock kick’s volume?

When I recorded a mix of this patch I had all the faders except the kick up around 75% except for the Knock which was at about 25% and it’s still the loudest thing in the mix. Is the audio level off that plugin just purposely super loud?

Not complaining, but you do have to be careful you’re not launching flaming subwoofer drivers out the front of your speakers!

It might be useful to test the peak-to-peak voltage of Knock’s output. What is it in your patch’s case? Most source audio modules should produce 10Vpp.

initialized values are ~15.5Vpp, with Fury @Max, ~17.2Vpp. double VCA it before you mix.

Verified with scope that it is 10

10 Vpp (peak to peak) is +/-5V Bipolar.

My readings averaged to +/-7.75Vpp (init) , and +/-8.6Vpp (max fury), definitely in screaming loud territory.

Knock is the only bass drum I can hear. I like it. :grinning:

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Knock: You’re only hope of blasting through the Vult Mexican Rack Wall.

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All my modules produce 20 vpp (-10 to +10). This is because the first eurorack modules I got were in that range. I haven’t change it to preserve backwards compatibility.