Vult Incubus; how use the AMT button in FM section?

hello, just bought the modules (black friday). because there is no manual, i have to dig into the module for myself. does anyone know a good tutorial for it? i am unable to use the AMT button in the fm section for example.

Thanks Karl

There are videos available from both @modlfo (the developer) and @Omri_Cohen:

I think you found a bug @modlfo , it works in V1 but it won’t move at all in V2.

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thank you, i watch them. but there the AMT button is usable. and unfortunately it is not explained, what happens.

ok. thank you. is it possible to report it?

I hope I just did by pinging the developer, I think he attached the free/ratio switch to the FM AMT knob, or something like that.

oh wonderful. thank you. i hope, that it will be fixed and updated in the future. have a good evening.

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I also posted it here :

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I have fixed the bug. I will push a release soon. Thank you for letting me know.