Vult Hardware Modules

You may already know that I’m building hardware versions of many of my Vult modules. Recently I released a batch of (analog) Vorg filters. I have plans to release a (digital) Freak filter including most of the filters included in the Freak for VCV Rack. I have other modules in the pipeline.

Of you are into hardware, you can follow the updates in this thread. If you want to be announced when I release a new batch of hardware, subscribe to this email list that is where I announce the new stuff EDIT:


But will you be releasing the “blank plate” with the Vult logo concealed in it’s outputs?

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Of course! It’s an essential module.

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The Vorg hardware module really screams, like full-on at 30% resonance all the way up :slight_smile: Nothing like the gentle SSI 2144 filter on my synth. Great way of getting a lot more character when I feed my synth through it. This is my 2nd module so currently I have to handle everything manually.


Cool, it is the first time I hear of VCV modules going hardware, instead of the other way, which I thought was the only. I am happy, to see this. Love it, will subscribe.

Cheers! dDom

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Ups, I realize I am very late to the party. The subscription-link seems dead, too. @modlfo Is Vult-hardware-modules still a thing? Cheers!

Seems to be very alive :wink:


There is a preorder for a new analog waveshaper which I also signed up for:


@mosphaere & @trond.olsen

Good to hear.

Thx a lot!

I have fixed the link. Now I point to the main Vult page.

If anyone ended up with an extra hardware Freak, let me know - they are now out of stock :frowning: