vult filters

Tangents and trummor 2’s lp filters stopped working on my system. No signal is getting through only on the hp and bp outputs. First noticed this on Sunday when a patch stopped working when starting vcv. Loaded up old patches from last month and its the same. Going to try to reload vult file to see if it persists. Anyone else have similar issues.

Was it a single occurrence?

Does it happen every time you open that patch?

Most of my filters stop working if they receive an invalid input like a NaN: Not A Number. Some modules can produce NaN but many modules will not be affected and they will just propagate the signal.

If it happens consistently, try to create a small patch by removing all the modules that are not involved in the issue and post it here. Then I can try to figure out if it is a problem in the filter or if it was inyected by other module.

Hi Thanks for reply , it just came to my attention on Sunday things were different. Yes it happens every time , try to single it out on that patch same results. Am now messing around with various filters and kickall and it seems drive on the filter needs to be max before a low signal (audio) is produced. Perplexing, will post more results later

I cannot recreate the sound from the tangents demo video, The wave form changes on the scope but no sound output just a gate sound when c/o is wide open , all other vult filters working great and trummor2 is fine, just my fiddling .

pc specs if needed i53570k 8gb, msigtx560ti 4gb ,8.1 64bit ,maudio mtrack 2x2m di

Are you using any of the Nysthi samplers? I’ve seen Simpliciter kill the output from both Vult and Squinky Labs filters. I think it outputs a blast of DC under certain conditions which can bork other modules. I haven’t seen any other modules do this, but I’m guessing it’s possible.

No samplers in test patch and results still the same, every filter Is outputting what it should be but tangents, funny you mention Nysthi as sam is not working as before , speaks so slowly with no change if cv is hooked up to it ,

Looks like It was me . Have undertaken a bit of revision and can see I was looking for a signal that would never be there. Sam is still a bit strange, but cv will now work on speed. Thanks once again for this little bit of nexus.