Vult Dopamine: Live Looping in VCV Rack with Vult Dopamine Module

So here is my tutorial & perfomance video on live looping in VCV Rack with new module from Vult - Dopamine which is the part of new Premium pack VULT MYSTERIES. I used Korg Nanokontrol2 for MIDI mapping and Novation Bass Station II as midi keyboard.

I should say that Dopamine is the first module in VCV Rack that can do really precise (and quantized) live recording and loop it, and randomize it as you want, and even shift it, and even change the steps and…Yeah, so exiting about this! It’s the door to the live perfomances with VCV Rack especially for people who love melodies, variations, live input of the rhytms and so on.


Good one Mateusz

Thanks Artem. A lovely track.
What are the blue labelled blanks you use to mark each section of your rack? And what do you think about the new hora modules in there?

thanks, but…)

Thanks! Submarine Text Vertical or something like this
Hora Vacuumba is amazing one!

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Submarine TD 202 Vertical Text Display