Vult dev [newb]

Okay so in the Vult github manual it says:

" Basics

To generate C/C++ code with floating point arithmetic you have to execute vult as follows:

$ vultc -ccode infile.vult -o outfile

Where do i execute this code?


(A) you need to have vultc in path and (B) you need to cd to the directory where infile.vult is.

If you’re not sure where that file is, you can use a linux trick: the find command will print a list of every file in the directory tree below where you are (all subdirectories) to STDOUT. You can then pipe this to grep; this allows you to locate any file in any subdirectory. So, go to the head directory of your vult stuff, then type find | grep infile.vult. (If you try this in a directory with tons of subdirectories and files, the find command will take seconds to minutes.)

@Coirt thanks for the tag!

@felix792 you don’t provide me with much context. I recommend you to check my Video Tutorials and if you have more specific questions after that I can help you with a better answer.

also a newb trying to wrap my head around this,

the command there is entered at the command line/terminal window and requires 2 things, that you have vult compiler install per instructions on Github & you have a vult code file (infile.vult) to convert into c++. the command tells the vult compiler, (vultc) to take infile.vult and convert to c++ (-ccode) and save to output file (-o outfile)

I’ve been meaning to learn Vult as well. Maybe I could add it as a language to Prototyping plugin for Rack


Hi, the thing I was confused about here was what terminal these codes are supposed to be executed in. Using Windows 10 I only had MSYS2 installed at the time (used to build Rack) and was skeptical about executing in that terminal.

Eventually I downloaded VSC and tried to run the vult compiler code in MSYS2 terminal, without success… so I assumed the youtube tutorial was out of date and looked elsewhere for guidance.

This morning after discovering the terminal inside VSC I went through the tutorial again and executed the code in the VSC powershell terminal, and I am happy to report that this time it worked :smiley:

I’m glad you found the solution. You can make your workflow simpler by adding the Vult compiler to the path. There are two ways you can do it:

Following any of the two options you should have a the command vultc available in any of the terminals: msys, cmd or powershell. Note that you may need to restart the computer before the command works.

As mentioned in that thread. If you add Julia or LuaJIT I can generate code from Vult and use those backends.