Vult added to VCV Prototype

Leonardo Laguna Ruiz (@modlfo) of Vult has added the Vult language to VCV Prototype, a DSP-specific language he designed to develop Vult modules for VCV and Eurorack.

To get started with Vult scripting in VCV Prototype, right-click on the Prototype panel, choose “Set text editor application”, and locate your preferred text editor application. Then right-click on the Prototype panel again, choose “New script”, and save to any location using a .vult extension. Your text editor will automatically launch with the template Vult script. When you save your script, VCV Prototype will automatically reload it.

The template script contains a few instructions for getting started. Additionally, see the Vult Tutorial to learn the Vult language. Or, load .vult scripts from Prototype’s example/ folder for examples of Vult scripts. You can choose “Save script as” in Prototype’s context menu to save an example script to another location before editing it further.

Tutorials and videos for using Vult with VCV Prototype will soon be available, but it is now ready to try using VCV Prototype v1.3.0, available from its VCV Library entry.


Just to be sure, did you instead mean Prototype above? (probably a copy paste thing, I just saw your other post about Pure Data)

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Yup! I knew I’d do that.

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Leonardo has just published an article on the Wolfram Blog about how he uses Wolfram System Modeler and the Vult language to model analog hardware.