VU Meter with Volume Output?

Does anyone know of a VU meter that has an output for the volume? I’m looking to build something that detects a positive feedback loop and cuts it off.

Do you really want a VU meter , which would take up to 300ms to reach a volume spike, or are you really after some other kind of level meter. I could add an output to my VU meters,

I think either could work. I was planning on putting a slew limiter on it and playing around with it. My idea is to have a positive feedback loop with a reverb or delay, and then let it crescendo and then after a short delay choke off the feedback.

But its probably not worth adding anything to a module for me at least. I’m more just curious if it exists. And maybe thinking of a module I could make. That said if you do want to add it, I’m not going to say don’t.

A VU Meter is really a lowpass filter on the rectified input, so you could probably build what you want on that basis.

Thank you. I will give that a try!

Wouldn’t a compressor be what you’re after here?

Yeah. I guess a compressor on a reference voltage side chained to the main one might work.

If i were looking to stop excess feedback i’d use an envelope follower and invert it.