VSTs that can do random sequences?

I really enjoy “discovering music” by using stuff like the turing machine to create random melodies (random note, random note lenght, random amount of notes, etc).

Are there any VSTs that can do something similar that I can use in my normal DAW to replicate this? All sequencers I know of can randomize the notes, but they generally cannot randomize pauses, note lenght etc.

I would be very happy if I found something like this (while waiting for VCV Rack midi-out)

If you are on mac have look at Numerology from Five12, there you could do what you want and it works as VST in nearly every DAW.

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I have windows unfortunately :frowning:

Hypercyclic is a pretty cool arpeggiator that has a few lfos that can be assigned to any parameter and if you mash them a bit it gets pretty random. Then if you combined this with a sequencer that can randomize the notes, just blindly turn knobs or learn what they do and turn them less blindly…


Obscurium by Sugar Bytes.

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