VSTs/other software similar to the Nysthi Sussudio?

I’ve been having a blast with the Nysthi Sussudio lately. For those who haven’t used it yet: it is a sampler with up to six playheads that can play/loop independently and simultaneously. You’re able to get some really beautiful and fun polymetric music out of it.

I do however find myself missing some DAW-ey aspects, such as aligning the the playback regions to a tempo, or more control over crossfades. Are there perhaps any free or commercial options that expand upon the Sussudio’s functionality, either inside or outside VCV rack?

Apologies if this is off-topic for this forum.

Hello there, welcome to the forum. I’m also a fan of Nysthi’s modules, Sussudio is brilliant, for cross fading have you tried his Auto X Fader? In theory any of his wonderful modules can added to it. There are thousands of modules that control tempo/time:

VCV Library (vcvrack.com)

As someone who doesn’t use samplers much, can you explain what this means exactly please?

Do you mean like Warp in Ableton?

It’s somewhat different because it works with “midi” and not samples, but you might be interested in the Fugue machine Sequencer for Ipads

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Glitchmachines have some plugins in which you can upload samples (up to 4 I think) and mangle them as you please.