VST Version Update

I just started using the new KVR Studio Manager for my VST plugins, as I have some older plugins I didn’t update in a long time that I think are causing Cubase start-up issues.

It is saying my VCV Rack 2 and VCV Rack 2 FX VST3 are v2, and v2.4.1 is the current.

I own the paid version and know how to update the standalone (which I do have has 2.4.1), but I can’t find anything on how to update the VST version?

Can anyone point me in the right direction, or let me know if the VST3 version is 2 (and not 2.4.1) and there is nothing to update?

Thank you

I think the 2.41 is the lasted , download the program in the vcv rack page depending of the OS the process could change but basically is replacing the older for the newer , in windows is executing the .exe, in Linux is a manual process and I m not sure how is in mac but I guess is some like drag and drop

when a new version is out a little red dot (similar to a notification ) will appear over the help menu if you cant see this , you are up to date.

the VST plugin shows it’s version in the upper right corner. I don’t think “KVR Studio Manager” will be able to read that version number.



FWIW, mine shows V2 also:

Maybe VCV devs can make a change to add KVR plugin manager compatible versioning information. contact support.vcvrack.com

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