VST plugins 64 bits


I’ve just purchased Vst plugins and it doesn’t work with Cubase cause it doesn’t accept 32 bits VST anymore ! There are no 64 bits versions ?! Thanks for your help (Mac Studio M2 max)

I’m not sure what you installed, but

  1. If you purchased rack you can always ask support@vcvrack.com
  2. the Mac ARM plugin and X86 plugin have been 64 bit forever

if I had to guess you are having one of two issues

  1. You are running Cubase ARM and downloaded Rack X86. Rack is not a universal you need to pick an architecture. Or
  2. You are running Cubase ARM and you installed only the Rack VST2, not the VST3, and Cubase ARM won’t load VST2 just VST3 (not for any technical reason, just they liked it better that way)

so if you are using Cubase ARM perhaps

  1. Download the rack pro arm build
  2. make sure to install the vst3

and either

  1. it will work or
  2. mail support@vcvrack.com and see if they can help!

Happy thanksgiving if that’s your thing,


Thanks for your message I have Cubase Pro 10 and installed ARM VCV vst3 plugin.

Is cubase running under Rosetta? I don’t know the versions but isn’t 10 kinda old? If it is you need to install x86 vcv

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Seems that. 10 is old cause with x86 it works ! Thank you so much !

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