VST plugin and Cakewalk

Maybe a stupid question, but what do I need to put where ta make Cakewalk “see” VCVRack. I would assume there is a .vst file, but I didn’t find any. What am I missing. And yes, I have the Pro version :slight_smile:

CW probably has an option to re scan for new VST? Maybe you need to either tell CW where the vast lives, or move the vst to where CW already looks for vst?

Yeah, there is a manual scan option but by default Cakewalk is setup to automatically scan when changes in the scan path are detected.

I don’t recall if the VCV installers read HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VST to set the default scan path or hard code a default.

Consider modifying this registry entry and carefully review installers for the plug-in install path they use.

If you cannot find the dlls, re-run the VCV installer, the option to change the path is on the third screen. This will show you were the dlls were installed.

Use Preferences > File > VST Settings in Cakewalk to add a path for scanning or as mentioned above move the files.

VCVRack 2 VST is a dll file. Install it into whatever folder you put your other vst instruments/effects. Then rescan vsts, Cakewalk usually does this automatically, but some people, me included turn this feature off. If Cakewalk doesn’t automatically scan, go to Preferences, VST Settings, and press the scan button there.

That’s what I thought but: which DLL?. Or, where is it? In \Program Files\Rack, the only DLL’s I see are :

  • libgcc_s_seh-1.dll
  • libRack.dll
  • libstdc+±6.dll
  • libwinpthread-1.dll

Neither of those look like a name for a VST. So, look somewhere else instead?

The Rack 2 VST files are VCV Rack 2.dll and VCV Rack 2 FX.dll

When you install Rack Pro you tell it where to put the VST

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Thanks Paul,

told you t probably was a stupid question. I just forgot about that location. Sigh.

It’s working now.



I did the same thing and had to open a support issue as I could not find the VST because I did not know what they are named. A bit embarrassing, but an easy thing to miss (or forget).

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Just had the same issue in Harrison Mixbus. Cleared the plugin cache in Harrison, rescanned. and the VST has appeared.

What brought me to this issue: Trying to update to Rack 2.0.1. I had the API error, couldn’t update as the browser brought me to a page with API information. Removed Rack, reinstalled. Went to see if both were in the proper directories, they were. Kept rescanning to no availability. Cleared the VST cache in Harrison, rescanned, and the VCV Rack 2 VST appeared in the list of VSTs I have.

So indeed, I think it was a cache issue in the DAW.