VST multiple instances in Cubase 12

Hi everyone, I want to play multiple (instrument or rack ?) instances of VCV Rack Pro in Cubase 12. thanks for help.


Please be more specific :face_with_monocle:

  • What exactly is your problem?
  • What exactly doesnā€™t work for you in Cubase?

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it seems I am solving my problem. when I create an instance of VCV Rack, I choose ā€œInstrument Trackā€ rather than ā€œInstrument Rackā€. In this case, I can have discrete sound for each instance of VCV Rack. but I think I am not understanding the difference between ā€œInstrument Trackā€ and ā€œInstrument Rackā€. what I would appreciate in my workflow : if I click on track 1 then I would like to play Instance 1 of VCV Rack, if I click on track 2 then I would like to play Instance 2 of VCV Rack, and so on.

In Cubase, a Rack is a VST instrument that can be feed with MIDI data from more than 1 MIDI track. There is only one instance of the VST instrument, and it is shared across multiple MIDI tracks.

On the other side, an instrument track is connected to a separated single VST instrument.

If you want to use multiple insctances of VCV, then use multiple instrument tracks.

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