VST Crashing Reaper

Hey folks, It’s Super Newb again. More questions. Ok- I have some a few nice patches. (Thanks to your help) They sound great, but when I open them in the VST in Reaper. 1. The sounds do not work. 2. Reaper crashes repeatedly. The computer is brand new so I doubt it has anything to do with the machine. I love VCV Rack btw- Cheers… Maybe you have some ideas?

Try saving your patch without a driver i the audio module, and then try to load it in reaper and select the daw as audio output in the audio module. What happens then?

I don’t think that’s the problem. I couldn’t swear, because I don’t have the computer in front of me, but I seem to have made standalone patches with ASIO or WASAPI and opening the vst in Reaper the Audio module automatically switches to DAW. Maybe later I confirm or deny myself.

Edit: I confirm that the Audio module, at least on my computer, automatically switches to DAW.

Instead the Midi-CV module must be passed manually.

Ok- That seemed to stop crashing Reaper. But now the track is armed ready to record. Levels look great. But now it doesn’t seem to record? Ya know I am sure it something I am missing, so thanks for your time.

Right click on the Rec button (track) and choose what you want to record. By default Reaper records the audio, but in this case, with the vst, you have to record the midi. That’s why Reaper doesn’t record anything, it doesn’t detect any audio.

Edit: If you use a pc keyboard, select “Input: MIDI > Virtual MIDI Keyboard > All Channels” and keep the virtual midi keyboard open to record. If you have a real midi keyboard, select: “Input: MIDI > All MIDI input > All Channels”

Edit 2: If you don’t even record your midi, you probably haven’t connected it with the Midi-CV module.

An example: Midi-CV Gate output> ADSR input.

Midi-CV 1v/oct output> VCO 1v/oct input.

There is also the way to record audio using different connections / settings, it all depends on what you want to do.

Yes. Thank you for the explanation. Absolutely worked, but then just crashed Reaper again. Geez I am just not sure about it?

Oh and to be clear my computer Mac 11.5.1 I; use an Arturia Midi Keystep; I own my own copy of Reaper. (My supernewb qualities only pertain to modular. lol) Cheers folks. I appreciate the help.

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I don’t know why it crashes. :man_shrugging:t2: I have a Win10 with Intel Celeron and 2gb of ram, it’s not a computer, it’s a calculator ahahaha, yet it never crashes. My only problem is the little computing power that allows me to use very few modules on VCV Rack, or few vst like Massive and others, on Reaper.

Hmmm. Further clarification: My computer 3.1ghz 6 Core Intel i5, Memory 8GB (The computer is 2 weeks old.) Have a beautiful day friends…

I am thinking I need a private lesson? The next newb problem…I see that the track recorded midi, but it doesn’t play back?

The first thing that comes to my mind is that you have to activate the monitoring, it’s a very simple thing but without the computer I can’t explain haha, I suggest you watch Kenny Gioia on youtube. It’s a whole library on Reaper.

Did you watch this ?