Voxglitch GUI bug

Today I opened the app and my Voxglitch plugins broke down. No updates to the system and VCV have been made since the last opening.

I tried deleting and reinstalling everything and it didn’t help

Win 11

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just their plugins and no others?

Yes, only these

That is very weird.

That is indeed weird. This does not happen on my Win11 system with the same browser settings. I could induce some hangs by playing around with the sample rate and thread counts. What are your sample rate and threads settings?

The strange thing is that the module panel widths are wrong in your browser.

This looks a bit like @Yeager reported with my modules last month. I could reproduce that issue at times, but not always and never figured out what is happening occasionally in the browser. Of course with yours, the problem carries over to the Rack GUI.

Edit: scrolling the browser forwards and backwards resolves the problem with my plugin. Does it in your case?

Edit: Is your problem at all browser zoom dependent?

Take a look in the log to see if there are svg load failures.

I think both @k-chaffin and voxglitch do not use SVG for panel. Is that correct?

Is is correct that I do not use SVG images for the panel. I use the SVG only to get a panel size. Then I generate the panel procedurally in a patch and I display a PNG image in the browser.

Ok. Are there file load errors in the log (of any type of file)?

I can only speak to my own plugin which has exhibited browser module display problems like the current topic OP reports for Voxglitch. In my case, I have never seen any errors in the log file. A primary difference though is that this current topic reports patch GUI problems in addition to the browser problems. As far as I know, no patch rendering issues have been reported with my plugin.