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I think all my voxglitch modules do not load They are up to date

Maybe this has been asked before and I missed it; but I’ve always been curious about why you don’t implement drag and drop of samples? I know that NYSTHI Simpliciter has this feature.

I went with 2.21.2 as it does not hang the module browser.

EDIT: git checkout tags/2.21.2 && make && make dist

EDIT2: you might need a git fetch --all --tags as suggested by some sources.

EDIT3: Not a fan of these warnings.

I’m not a fan of those scary warnings either, but there’s not much we can do about it – they are in the VCV Rack code.

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I didn’t know that drag-and-drop samples was even possible! I’ll research it when I have time.

I also don’t know why the modules aren’t loading. However, I suspect it has something to do with file paths in linux, or unicode support.

I had a user report a similar issue before who reinstalled essentially their entire operating system, which fixed the problem. Obviously, this isn’t a great solution. See: Background JPG not loading - suggestions for troubleshooting? (was: file::exists false). Unfortunately, I never figured out how to solve this. I’d love some support from VCV Rack, if possible!


Yeah, me either! As @cosinekitty mentioned, these are triggered by VCV Rack. My arrays aren’t out of bounds (I’m 99% sure?), and I’m not really sure why VCV Rack is throwing warnings for this? It happens to me too. I’m totally open minded if anyone wants to peek at my code and point out any shortcomings. I’m not always right, and I appreciate people’s thoughts on my code!!

Can you wright what do I need to do step by step?

If you have built rack. I’m not sure where the SDK directory for your plugins is. I’m not sure if you have build-essentials and git installed.

cd ~/Rack/plugins
git clone git@github.com:clone45/voxglitch.git
cd voxglitch
git fetch --all --tags
git checkout tags/2.21.2
make dist

The plugin will be in voxglitch/dist.

Wait, is this Linux? Can I install previous version of plugin without it? Sorry I’m new to all this

It works for me as a developer. For the library, the plugin developer has to fix and submit to the library build pipeline. It then becomes an updated version a few days later. I’m running lin-arm64 so no library for me yet as it is experimental and I only get what I build myself.