Vongon Polyphrase

Hello just discovered this beautiful pedal on the link below:

Vongon Polyphrase (aka Time Travel with Delay Pedals) - YouTube

Any starting points for creating this wonder, Chronoblob, Delay lines, Sckitam WaveguideDelay any more?

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I’d start with two Chronoblobs, indeed. Using the mode where time changes are faded in and out, and I’d put a chorus (personally I’d put Arturia TapeMelloFi, actually) and DJ style filter in the effect loop. It might be interesting to use Mindmeld’s Patchmaster module to make a unified interface.

Thank you, just putting together a very rough messy cabled patch now. Not used Patchmaster before, so not sure where to start with that. I could let you have a look at the patch see what you think. Just using a choir sample in Complex Simper but any sound would work. On Chronoblob-the setting ‘the mode where time changes are faded in and out’ is that the ping pong setting?

See what you reckon to this patch:

Vongon Polyphrase rack build mki.vcv (6.3 KB)

It’s the switch that is on the left of the module, middle of the eight, set to the right (crossfade symbol). I can’t check the patch right now I am sorry, I am away on vacation…

Thanks once again, Just mapping out the essential controls on Patchmaster, works great so far.

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I don’t think it does anything that special, to be honest. The best sounds on that video were using the send/return loop, so any delay with that feature in VCV will work. Obviously Chronoblob as you mentioned, but there are plenty of others, I might make a list! The most bonkers option is Instant Delay, because it’s the only one I’ve found which has a feedback loop and is polyphonic, and it it can also change the delay time without affecting the pitch for franular effects. That thing is nuts! It’s worth experimenting with other effects in the feedback loop - frequency shifters, pitch shifters (Clouds will work), ring mod, flangers etc. It’s a whole rabbit hole for sound design.

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A list would be good but how many delays can we use in a patch-how longs is a piece of string! They all have their individual kinks.

I have used the Unfiltered Instant delay and Pitch delay on another patch and got an whole symphony from one sound by turning the JW Sequencer up to top speed. Will have to post the patch and audio. See below:

Stream AAah Bach by Adrian Bottomley | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

weird delay.vcv (8.0 KB)