Volunteering now for v2.0 beta testing

I’m loving v1.0! But, I am admittedly anxious for v2.0 to have VCV Rack as a vst plug-in for my Propellerhead Reason DAW.

Percentage-wise Reason users are a minority. I’ve used it since Propellerhead’s version 2. So, me beta testing would include testing with a somewhat more obscure DAW.

I’m so stoked about this that I’d be willing to plop down the purchase price in advance just to get to help test it.

Thanks for your consideration and for making v1.0 a beautiful reality!


Wasn’t there something called veceveest that was doing this too?

Yes, and I have that! Very limited # of modules and you can’t add more. Plus, it’s not vcv 1.0

Is there a road map for releases? I can’t imagine v2 will be coming anytime soon.

Supposed to be end of year or early next.

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Add 30-100% to that. Development always takes way longer than expected. Especially when you a charting new territory.

In my day job, I am supposed to be an IT Project Manager. I’m horrible at it, but I’ll admit I don’t believe in it at all. Especially the scheduling part. Pure, unbridled fantasy.

Yeah, totally agree. I realize it’s just a target and in software, even the best estimates can get blown out of the water. Spent many years as a Business Systems Analyst at work, and know that very well. Was just reporting on what Andrew had previously stated. I won’t hold him to any dates. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d love to volunteer for beta testing v2 Rack for DAW’s. Work as a UX/UI designer. Please ping me if that would be of value. Thank you for all your amazing work! Looking forward to it one way or another!

I think there’s no such thing as “official beta testing” of Rack. We are in the land of open source software so v2 will be available when the branch opens on the github - so that everyone can compile and try it. Pre-builds will also be available most likely, just wait for it :slight_smile: