Volt Converter


Can someone please recommend a voltage converter plugin?

I would like to convert volt per octave to Buchla (1.2v per octave)

Any ideas how this could be achieved if its not directly done inside a plugin?


Possibly Submarine AO-101 can be used somehow.

(Please note that in the example above C is set to 1.2 and the formula selected is X multiplied by C.)

Presumably you could plug an equation into this module, something like 1.2 ^ (voltage)

Try DHE Ranger or Count Modula Voltage Scaler or Bogaudio Offset

In which direction are you converting?

If you want to apply an existing 1V/Oct signal to a module that expects 1.2V/Oct, then simply scale (multiply) the signal by 1.2.

If you have an existing 1.2V/Oct signal (maybe from a physical controller?) and want to use it with standard VCV modules that expect 1V/Oct, then scale by 1/1.2 (0.83333333333).

There are loads of modules that can do scaling. I like to use Bogaudio Offset.

To get the precise scale, simply right click on the SCALE knob and enter 1.2 or .8333333, whichever is appropriate. If using Rack version 2, then you can enter 1/1.2 instead of .8333333 and VCV will do the math for you, and get the most accurate value possible.

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I was just typing the exact same thing, also recommended bogaudio offset. About to hit reply, but you beat me to it :smiley:. I assume this is to program sequencers at 0.1V per semitone instead of 0.0833V.

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Thanks for the replies and feedback !