volca modular sample rate problem

hello. so, I connected my volca modular to vcv rack. at first, I had to change the input audio module sample rate to 32khz to get the proper sound. but after about 5 minutes I heard a noise and then, silence and 0 voltage from volca. nothing happens by changing the sample rate. can anybody explain to me what happened exactly? thank you.

can you give more details?
which hardware do you use,
which OS,
which audio interface?
drivers uptodate?
which version of VCV? …

does the Volca make sound in other DAWs?

I had my patch working properly with sound of volca and some modules in vcv rack. I was listening to it and then heard this noise. first time I changed sample rate again to a higher number. nut it happened again and changing it does not help anymore. Intel cpu, windows 11, komplete audio 1, drivers updated, vcvrack 2.5.2 actually I have signal in my audio interface but it went zero in vcvrack.

maybe it is a kind of overload issue?

but I suggest to contact VCV support and report the issue there