Vital's oscillators in VCV ?

Hi everybody !

I was wondering if someone is doing this in the shadows, or if someone is thinking about it, or … ?

Arguably Vital’s oscillator are the best thing ever (it is my opinion, and I am ready to argue about it :smiley: ), but I am often missing some kind of modularity when I use it. Having them in VCV would be an absolute dream and would open a world of possibilities.

I am absolutely not a coder, but is someone feel like giving this a go and need help with anything, I am up for it (testing, feedback, documentation…).

If the case about Vital’s osc need to be made, they have :

  • A really powerful editor (various and fun ways to edit the engine that are all useful)
  • Three sample import modes that are really really useful (including one that can be twisted into a sort of sample playing but still is a really long wavetable, so you get to use it with all of the others possibilities)
  • Powerful modes of “distorsion” and “spectral” changes that do sound awesome (including FM, RM, and so much more)
  • Really good creative unison modes
  • Everything is already ready to be modulated, including at audio rate (since the LFOs can go into audio rate and track MIDI)

In the end I think that if Vital were to have the same evolution as Surge XT (a whole collection with everything inside VCV) that would be awesome, obviously, but just the oscillators would already be a huge addition to the world of VCV !

Just in case : GitHub - mtytel/vital: Spectral warping wavetable synth

Who’s in ? :smiley:


I’m not in but if Matt and a group decide to approach this I’m around to offer the tips for what made it tenable with surge.


Vital forum post highlighting a guy whos made like 30,000 wavetables that work for vital (and possibly surge/ other wavetable based synth designs idk)

Assets like these make this project seem worthwhile as an endeavor.