visualize buffer latencies / cable latencies

hi there,

so I tried to recreate ableton live’s random midi device, which is nice for octaves, and I keep running into timing problems between v/oct and gate signals, which need to be processed differently to achieve this. first of all v/oct needs to go into an oct module, which will be fed by a s&h followed by an attenuverter.

long story short, in the end I have no clue how much the timing differs between those control voltages, they come in sync from the midi module, but they all go into other modules at different obscure timing delays, which is audible by clicks and pops when the octave shifting circuit does its thing.

so my question is, is there a good way to bugfix/check timing delays between different modules? a oscilloscope maybe which shows you how much a gate signal is behind the other one? I need to make sure that processed v/oct signals are sample accurate with the corresponding (unprocessed, or differently processed) gate signals.

everything needs to be in sync, obviously, how to go about this in vcv rack? I have not found a way, and there is no way to display latencies.

I know every cable is supposed to introduce 1 sample of delay, and every module creates 0 sample processing delay (not documented?) so I have to count cables, and use a module like grande sample delays, but I did not manage to remove pops in my patch this way. I need a monitor for this.

selection attached oct shift pops.vcvs (6.5 KB)

I don’t think thats the right selection?

Every cable is 1 sample and if you compensate correctly with grande varsampledelays it should always work correctly - if you use MIDI however, there might be some serious MIDI jitter involved, spanning tens of samples.

with mere midi it works, as in: live does the midi octave modifications inside vcv I get delays and can’t see where they happen, maybe it’s also a problem with the oscillator module from blamsoft, there is no such issue with vcv stock oscillator. don’t you hear the lag? the selection is the right one. the midi I use goes via IAC bus anyways, so no jitter there. (virtual midi)

Sorry I don’t really understand what you are trying to do and what the selection is supposed to demonstrate. Maybe better send the full patch.

I think MIDI jitter occurs with virtual cables, too, but corresponding notes and gates should always arrive at the same time at least, since they are always combined in one MIDI message. If you want to combine them with other MIDI messages the jitter can mess up everything, though.