Visual graphic feedback

Some synths have a visual way of showing what’s going on, for example an envelope or a filter shown as a graph against the incoming waveform. Is there anything like this possible in vcvrack? Or is this completely up to the module designer to include a visual display (other than knobs)?

I know I can put a scope before and after a module, but that’s not quite what I mean. I’m thinking of a scope but showing, for example, the envelope set, or the filter cutoff superimposed on the spectra so I can see what’s going on more easily.

Obviously it is up to the module designer what they include in the module.

For seeing the effect of a filter on a spectrum you can connect the raw and filtered signal to the Bogaudio Analyser.

For envelopes, beyond what you can observe in a normal scope, there is the Submarine Modules Envelope Oscilloscope:

This is on its way to v1 but not here just yet.


+1 for the Bogaudio analyser, always part of my patch so i can see what to EQ and also monitor what my filters do

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