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Is it possible to have like a virtual overlay in VCV Rack, or macro buttons. What I mean is that if I try o replicate an existing rack like Mother32 or DFAM I have too much controls. Is it possible to have something like a virtual overlay or a software “cover” which will replicate to same layout as the hardware ? Thank you

Not really. There are ways to built a “Control Panel” with the help of a few modules, mainly Vult Knobs, Bogaudio Switch18, Stoermelder Glue and so on. But either the controled value has a CV-input or you have to use stoermelder uMap to remote-control it via Knobs.

I built an FM-Synth a few days ago, which used this concept heavily to built a control surface. It is not pretty, but you are able to reduce the controls.

I would recommend watching omri cohens video about the DFAM and Subharmonicon, he used Glue for the labeling.


you can use a section of your patch as a control area and wire up your desired controls. Impromptu has some useful modules to accomplish that. I like using TouchOSC on my iPad as a control surface to accomplish what you’re looking for. Here is an example of a control layout I built to control a virtual DFAM.

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Thank you !

Thanks !