Videos - The Art Of Sound - Updated Mar 20th 2019

Updated 20th March 2019

One further experiment, this time using differing clocks…

Updated 18 March 2019

Some experiments!

Several pieces I wrote while I was sick… Thank goodness for laptops!


Welcome back! Wow, making up for lost time :wink:

Man. Good to “see you” I’ll listen to them for sure. But what kind of laptop do you use. These patches are big.

Yay! Good to hear from you again Nigel, hope you’re recovered well! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs: Looking forward to listening to the pieces…

Shimmers… MG man you have skills! You are a mad wizard. So much good.

Nice to see your back in video making form again Nigel!
I think you now hold the Tact record too btw :slight_smile:

Thanks Marc :slight_smile: Tact is so useful for anything that needs fully/semi automated movement… like opening filters…fading in/out FX… and even changing tempos over time… Really useful little module :smile:

Really appreciated your comment Jim… Thank you!

It is good to be back… Still a way to go before I’m fully fit but progress is being made… :slight_smile:

Im using a 2018 15" 2.9GHz MBP with 16GB and 560X. Its nowhere near as powerful as my desktops but for mobile use, it does the job… Thankfully I got this one refurbished from Apple, so I didnt have to shell out that much money for it as i should have done.

Thanks Paul! :slight_smile: Good to be back…

Updated with new videos at top of thread - 18th March 2019


Thanks Nigel!

Sores has that nice edgy sound of the saws, which we can never get enough of. There’s something about a saw - when you bend it just the right way, it’s just extremely pleasing and expressive to the senses, and very sensuous and emotional. Maybe it’s the same effect that a good violin has…?? Very nice, I quite like it.

Waltz… is a lovely tune, very sweet.

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HI Lars :slight_smile:

I know exactly what you mean by the sound of slightly detuned Saws… Something very organic about that type of sound… The first time I recall hearing multiple Saws used that way was back in the late 70’s when I went to see Utopia in concert… and Roger Powell was ‘wailing away’ during lead solos consisting of multiple Saw waves and squealing filters… using the infamous "Powell Probe’ polyphonic remote controller… used in conjunction with several sequencers which he also designed (many people don’t realize that Roger developed the first Apple and later PC based Sequencer called Texture) When he would pitch bend such a patch it felt/sounded so damn good!

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Updated with a new video in the first post in this thread 20th March 2019 :slight_smile:

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Reminds me a bit of music for airports… nice!

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That’s quite a compliment Lars… Thank you indeed!

Good to see you back Nigel :smiley:

That was from March. No one has heard from Nigel recently so if you do, kindly let me know, thanks!