Video recorder CPU consumption

I tried to record a video with the new recorder of the core/fundamental collection. It was quite difficult to do since its CPU consumption seems to be really high and because of seriously glitching sound due to this.
Before that, I limited the framerate to 30 by editing the .json file.
My question is: does this limiting affect the working of this module?
Here’s the video:


Yeah, it’s a bit of a shame. Andrew said that it runs on the audio thread, so it can cause the audio and video to glitch whilst using it. But the resulting audio and video recording has no problems, and comes out just fine, in the same way as the NYSHI recorders.

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Yes! It’s what I noticed too! Thanks for the reply.

Is there are any real-time performance changes needed, you will need to get familiar NYSTHI modules that manages scene change sequences. See snapshot