Via: Installing and VIA plugins

Hi, I am trying to intstall the VIA plugins… following instructions here …

but when I run make I get the following error
$ make
Makefile:43: …/…/ No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target ‘…/…/’. Stop.

I am in the directory…

and I can’t see the file in the relative directory …/…/
Any ideas why this file is missing and the make is not functioning?

There are not updated yet for V1. And you find them in the plugins manager.

Great - thanks!

Did you get the v1 SDK?

I built their current beta last night without trouble.

Hey Existentia,
I must have missed that part of the installation out.

Where are the instructions for getting the v1 SDK?

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Thanks stoermelder!

Sorry to ask again … How do I install the SDK?
I am looking here …
But not sure…
Thanks again!

Wherever you want. Just make sure you check out the plugin into the plugins subfolder.

Thanks Ben!