=== very cool patch challenge, edition 52 [fixed rack part 2] ===

this is part 2 of a two-part challenge

last time participants were tasked to come up with a “fixed rack” that could be re-used in the same configuration for multiple patches, as if it was an unchangeable hardware configuration.

this time, you are tasked to choose one of the patches posted in the vcp-51 topic (preferably not your own) and use that to make several new patches with. let’s aim for 3, but any number is acceptable, as long as this inspires you. this challenge will run for 4 weeks.

you can change a maximum of two modules. keep the layout of the patch as much as possible the same. (again, emulating hardware limitations…)

  • use a “fixed rack” from vcp-51
  • change up to two modules (free preferred, but commercial allowed)
  • upload your patches to patchstorage tagged as vcp-52, and/or in your reply to this thread
  • if possible, make videos of your patches and link them in this topic

deadline: monday may 4th


My main criterion for selecting a patch for part 2 was unfamiliarity. Any patch that made me go “hey, i’ve never used that module before!” was noted and I ended up using @dag2099’s fixed rack.

With still 3 weeks to go before the deadline, I might submit a 3rd patch (it is a fun rack to play with after all), but with other fixed racks on my list, maybe i’ll give somebody else’s patch a try first.

Patch one is melodic, the other noise-ish. Both were amusing to make and I’m happy with the results. Hope you’ll enjoy as well :slight_smile:

:headphones: :one:

:headphones: :two:

The patches

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Well, obviously I’m flattered but the unintended consequence of this challenge is when you find that other people can get much more interesting stuff out of your patch than you can :grinning:.


Thanks! And maybe… sorry? :thinking::wink:


I have been using a Rack created by @rsmus7 and really enjoy using it but I have recorded three pieces and they all have really bad glitches. I am using ridiculous amounts of modulation - I know that. There is obviously something that is really taxing my computer (which is a pc i7 3.60Ghz with 16gb ram with a focusrite 6i6 2nd gen sound box). I have tried increasing the number of threads and increasing the buffer size but still get them. I even tried disabling the modules I wasn’t using. Can anyone suggest anything else I could do please?

It is happening on audio recordings (with the ASIO driver) and video recordings (using the WASPI driver and OBS recording at 30fps)

Lowering the fps to 30 or even 15 ?


Recording with “VCV Recorder” will eliminate glitches from the recording (because it operates in “Rack time”).

Try minimising the Rack window, or making it very small - if that helps, it implies that it’s a video performance issue rather than audio. Are you using a low-spec graphics processor, maybe an integrated one?

If you haven’t already done so, use “Engine / CPU Meter” to see which modules are using the most CPU.

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Thank you. I will try all those suggestions. The graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6gb - I don’t know if is integrated or a card - edit: Found out it is card.

Apologies - I don’t want to fill up the thread with my problems but I was desperate for help

That should be more than adequate - I don’t think that’s your problem.

My third submission for this challenge (other two are sitting at the top of this page), this time with @Aria_Salvatrice’s fixed rack. Made multiple rough patches with it, but this one ended up being chosen to get a bit of a polish and see the light of day. Had a blast playing in this one, enjoy! :slight_smile:

:headphones: :three:

The patch


My little contribution. Bonne écoute à tous :slightly_smiling_face:

(more or less the same template as the one in VCP-51)

patch : https://patchstorage.com/alienor-reine-des-francs/


I used the rack created by @rsmus7 for my new pieces. I replaced Trummer and pico drum with Nysthi’s Quadsimpler and Via’s gate seq. I still can’t work out how the clock and the divs work. I didn’t include the samples because I couldn’t save them within Quadsimpler and to be honest I cannot remember what I used

I had a few problems with glitches, maybe rsmus7’s computer is a bit more powerful than mine. On some I disabled modules I wasn’t using. So there is the odd glitch or two but I hope you enjoy them anyway.

1. Flight Pattern 3

2. Rausch Berg

3. Float X

4. On the Edge

vcp-52 DM_its-fixed_rsmus7 flight pattern 3.vcv (63.6 KB)

vcp-52 DM_its-fixed_rsmus7 Float X.vcv (70.6 KB)

vcp-52 DM_its-fixed_rsmus7 the edge.vcv (66.7 KB)

vcp-52 DM_its-fixed_rsmus7 Rausch Berg.vcv (68.5 KB)


I’m still working on @ablaut’s patch, but I will miss the deadline I guess. Schools are opening while online teaching intensifies. My students with very low learning ability have a lot of fun during lessons but that eats up some time.

Maybe some first results at the weekend.

Good stuff, getting some Harmonia vibes from the Rausch Berg piece. Great atmospherics from The Edge piece as well :relieved:

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my school opened two weeks ago, so a lot of my time, and especially energy, has gone into that. i am not against prolonging the challenge a couple of weeks.


Beaux sons :slightly_smiling_face:

Jolie fragilité dans ce morceau. Superbe :ok_hand:

I also made use of rsmus7’s patch. I tried a few of the others but they either had modules I didn’t have or they used samples (i am averse to using samples). This is my result:

vcp-52.vcv (64.1 KB)

As usual this was a worthwhile excercise, if only because I learned how to make the mute buttons into fade buttons in MixMaster. I changed two modules but I don’t remember which. Also, I didn’t use all the included modules. Sorry.


It’s just occured to me that i haven’t really described my track. It’s, uh, sort of techno, or something?

Anyway, I really enjoyed rsmus7’s patch. I wouldn’t normally think about creating rhythmic variation with a sequential switch. Oh, and i hadn’t noticed the clever trick of using Turing machine with a filter to create percussion. Sly.

I especially like the third one, makes me want to play some Super Mario stuff on an old gaming console :smiley:

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