=== very cool patch challenge edition 27 ===

Gorgeous patch Mateusz, sounds amazing!

I too must admit, that this module is one of those that I took a quick look at early on and then quickly dismissed because I couldn’t figure out what it did, and then I forgot all about it. Ach ach… will definately need to return to it again.


Very nice patch and a very pleasant tune, well done! Nothing brutal about the video that I could see.

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Love the dreamy feel of it, very nice soundscape.

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Here’s my go at the ML Evolution module. Not sure how or why it does what it does, but just made a sequence with the Analog Sequencer, threw it into Evolution with a S&H, and into Quantum Multiverse that feeds Audible Instrument voices. Hope you guys/gals like and here’s the patch: Evolution (VCP-27).vcv (90.4 KB)


This is my contribution to the Very Cool Patch Challenge 27. This time we had to use Evolution from ML Modules. Like always I challenged myself to use every module of the developer, but this time I had to realize, that there are so many special modules and some are only versions of other modules. So I used as much different modules as possible. And of course, there are 3 instances of Evolution, responsible for the melodic and rhythmic variations. Since there is noch VCO from ML Modules, I used 2 complete Synth Voices, the fabulous Incubus from Vult and Interzone from Valley, which is also a fantastic module. The Bass part comes from the Treasure VCO from ML Modules, which I will thoroughly examine soon. :metal::sunglasses:


Hey everybody.
First of all, I’m happy to see so many entries for this edition. I’ll carefully listen to all of them! It seems that modules challenges have more success than other ones :wink:
So, this is mine. I have to admit that this module didn’t really inspire me. But… I guess that it puts some funny behaviour int this patch.
I remember of @AdiQ 's advise on my first Karplus Strong patch that it would be great for drum and bass style. So… why not going for some funky stuff!?! The descriptions are in the video and the video description.
Two “Evolution” modules here (Again, I cannot say that they are in the center of the patch). One is driven by both sides of the mini 4 steps seq (dBiz) and send pitch informations to both “Karplus” voices. The other four seq drives, among other parameters the amount of feedpack of delay (Sustain level) for the Karplus voices. The other “Evolution” drives by itself (no external sources) the mapping of Topograph.

Enjoy!! Looking forward some constructive comments.
Have a NICE NICE and sunny week.

You’ll find the patch here: (sorry! no direct download, I’m not at home :innocent:)

Hi Mateusz,
This one is really really nice. Superb sound. Especially the guitar voice. Wish maybe a bit more of musical variation on the basal part. Very pleasant to my ears though. Bravo!

nice to see a good level of participation and interesting entries! here’s the playlist:


Sweet… Some harsh effects on the harmonics contrast with the sweetness of the composition. Very spacy too. Good use of the turing Maschine as well.

Yeah! Indeed. Very cool and clevery patched. Strange atmosphere as well. There’s a long movement in the musical evolution of the patch that I love. Good idea is the way you used gray code here. I’m also quite impressed by the visuals! Good job.

Delightful. We could expect for more randomness in the results by the way you made those Evolution modules interacting with each other. But all these are very subtle. Beautiful patch.

I totally agree with you about that.

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Wow, that’s great Denis! Like a funky Kraftwerk :sunglasses:

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Wonderfully Hypnotic. I love the use of space - the echo and the reverb are just right. I have not used the complex DAHD - but I will now. Really nice.

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Love it. Great mixing

Somehow, don’t ask me how - it sounds like mutant bluegrass. That’s good, by the way

Nice and meditative. An idea would have been to add seriously slow LFO’s to modulate mix, parent and replace parameters of Evolution.

Very cool entries this week! I had a lot of fun with Evolution, brings another valuable layer to the randomness game in VCV. Hope its okay I just write one reply…

@jedrzejewskimk very nice piece dude, and like the slow down halfway through…

@dataphreak2 wow this video is nuts! What did you use to make it? like how that track keeps evolving too.

@dag2099 nice & dreamy!

@Jamuud really like your Marblators one, so chill and pleasant which is always appreciated:)

@existentia love this spooky cinematic vibe and these harmonic textures coming out of Neil

@rsmus7 digging the dub for sure! it did come out quiet for me, sounded so good though I just turned my headphones up…

@cyball enjoyed this lower-pitched pad in the background and the modulation on the reverb

@veryfungi I think this piece is brilliant, the melodies & bassline are just lovely

@the1andonlydrno really cool rhythmic percussion going thru rescomb and I love the melodies and the bass! my only thing would be to bring these melodic parts out more somehow by modulating the amp of the percussion for dynamic effect, but what the hell do I know, art is subjective, and I think you did a great job as always!

@denis.tercier wow, this shit is funky as hell! I love it! Sort of reminds me of Steevio, check that dude out if you haven’t already.

Well done everyone, sorry if I missed anybody, and thanks Ben for hosting! see yall on the next one!


Thank you Adi. I haven’t answered to your entry yet… Because of this “max-3-reply-in-a-row” rule. I think I’ll do as you do in the future.

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I always enjoy the VCP contributions and I listen to everyone of them but mostly I do not take the time to write replies. Shame on me. But now Episode 14 of “what does this knob do?” is finally rendering and therefore I have my mind free for your great pieces.

And I like to do it as Adi and summarize it here, it’s a good idea!

@jedrzejewskimk very interesting evolution of the soundscape, absolutely love the picked or hammered guitar sound, reminds me of Al Di Meola or Egberto Gismonti, those rhythmic variations, even duoles, amazing, great job!

@dataphreak2 The monotonic structure reminds me a lot of Laurie Anderson and that is a compliment. And I really miss here voice here, telling some obscure story. The video is amazing and totally fits, but for VCP contributions I like to see the modules producing the music. But since you described everything very nicely it’s just a small critic point. I could loose myself in it!

@dag2099 This one’s like a musical box and that scares me mostly. There is some horror hidden beneath that nice surface. I don’t know if I want to explore it!

@Jamuud Cawsand Gamelan: this one must be enjoyed with good headphones, which I did and oh boy, there are so much little gems to discover. Really like, that you keep the pace and the organ melody is nearly hypnotic.
Let there be marblators: I see a flight over a dessert in the USA, because something reminds me of a Western but it evolves to more eastern/chinese. Interesting!

@existentia Spooky ambience, stuff for a movie.

@rsmus7 Mmh nice, some kind of jazzy Massive Attack. Couldn’t help myself going with the groove!

@cyball How dramatic! Movie score stuff!

@veryfungi Almost sounds like played with acoustic instruments. An somewhat depressing ambience which hits the nerve. Good job!

@AdiQ Wow, that’s so Tangerine Dream and that’s a seal of quality.

@denis.tercier Yeah, this one reminds me of Herbie Hancock or Joe Zavinul and also, because it sounds like a picked bass, of Jaco Pastorius. Really like the groove!

You guys made so amazing stuff and I learned again a lot today. Thanks a lot! :metal::sunglasses:


Thanks Norbert. All these guys are/were my heroes. I really began being interested in music with the Headhunters and Weather Report, among others! It’s not a joke! :smiley:

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