=== very cool patch challenge edition 26 ===

(Dave Phillips) #41

@rsmus7 Lovely sounding patch. Very clever use of the GC modules ! :slight_smile:

(Dave Phillips) #42

@John_Tarvin - Great sounds, nice lively patch.

(Denis Tercier) #43

I have to experiment with this “oh peas”. Thx like sound. Crazy!

(Denis Tercier) #44

Complex patch that swings. Very original. I don’t understand everything but I love it, as allways.

(Norbert Denninger) #45

and here’s mine :love_you_gesture::sunglasses:


(Dave Phillips) #46

@johnmelcher Loved this one, I’m a sucker for those delays on the drums. Another neat use for the Gray Code module.

(Dave Phillips) #47

@AdiQ - Very cool, love the groove. Wow, more ways to use the Gray Code module than I could have imagined on my own. :slight_smile:

(Denis Tercier) #48

Yes! There’s some Jarre flavour in your patch. So many variations in a not so big patch. I love it. The chords progression is nice as well. What is the module next to the Gray Code?

(Norbert Denninger) #49

Thanks a lot, there are 3 Gray Codes, but I think, you refer to the one next to Clocked. This Module is Aepelzen’s CV-to-Trigger.

(Denis Tercier) #50

That’s it. Thank you.


glad to see such a degree of participation on this one!

youtube playlist here:

let me know if i missed anyone

also, if you have a late entry, do not hesitate to add it below!

(Dave Phillips) #52

Glad to be a part of it, Ben, thanks for hosting the party. :slight_smile: The Gray Code module is marvelously adaptable, as I’ve discovered listening to the other posts. Lots of neat ideas shown off, and since it’s a favorite here at Studio D I’m sure I’ll be trying out some other posters’ ideas.

(Adi Quinn) #53

Wow, so many good posts! There’s no way i can comment on all of them, I tried to comment on a few of your youtube channels, sorry if i missed anyone and haven’t given any real critiques, my time is so limited right now, but music is my therapy so i always try to make time to create and listen to others. I’m just really impressed by this group’s energy in creating modules, patches, and just being cool people. And thanks Ben, your always such a good host, can’t believe you have done 26 of these, could use one your patches though, maybe next time?!


i know, and i want to, but i’m doing lots of overtime at work in this period (one vacancy and one colleague in the hospital), so my energy after work is very limited. i hope to be able to get back to “normal” next month.

(Denis Tercier) #55

Great piece. I love this rounded sound full of mystery. Clever patch.

(Denis Tercier) #56

It’s a cool thing that goes a bit anywhere. IMHO, I would have avoided the snare… Or maybe another sound…

(Dataphreak2) #57

That snare was basically just the new Hora PCM module with a little bit of reverb on it. -_- Sadly, as far as free modules go, we’re a bit limited for drum options.

(Lars Bjerregaard) #58

Thanks a bunch Ben. There’s a lot of interesting stuff in that playlist.