=== very cool patch challenge edition 26 ===


there are a huge number of modules out there! Any a lot of them are very cool.


this is exactly what i am trying to achieve with this challenge: highlighting some modules that look interesting but do not get a lot of love. and of course, having fun while doing so!

(Mateusz "Ghalebor" Jedrzejewski) #23

Hello Rackerz.

Today I present my first entry to VCP-26. I will not write too much here (muhahahaha…joke) . It is important that this time the basis was to use the module from SquinkyLabs GreyCode. The whole patch is a patchwork of various concepts and inspirations. In fact, the central core module around which this patch was originally created was the use of the Alan module from Skylight (this is a new version of the known Turing Machine module this time from another developer) with all additional modules Pulses, Vactrol, Volts. The latter was used to generate sound using Interzone synthesizer from Valley (GreyCode controls gate signals in this case). The sound from Interzone is sent through three channels. The first through the main sound output directly to the mixer, the second from the same source through the analogue distorsion module Flame from Vulta. the third one is the same as the Rescomb 2 module (Vult, of course). Fourth (at the bottom of Interzone there is a small section marked as Filter - the out signal goes to Ferox (guess whose module it is) and from it through the lowpass filter output to the Vactrol module (Turing Machine Stereo Effect). The fifth - the output signal from the Interzone module Mixer finally passed through the Tangents low-pass filter.The two separate Caudal mods were used to control most of the other modules’ settings.The rhythm section eventually rocks from the Knock (Vult) modules via Debriatus (as before Vult) and Kick ( Unfortunately, Trummor2 fell out of the system during the recording, in my case caused too much use of the available resources.That’s a shame but what can we do.At the end icing on the cake today watching Leonardo film about the milder nature of Noxius, I added it to the whole. shows claws :slight_smile: Thank you Leonardo. Special thanks to Pyer Cllrd and of course see you in April. That’s it. Have fun watching until next time.

patch file before change
VCP-26 Squinky Labs-GreyCode - Alan wakeup - concept patch no#1.vcv (58.0 KB)

VCP-26 - Alan wakeup - concept patch no#1.vcv (54.5 KB)

PatchStorage :

(Pfig) #24

I really like this! Also, thank you for those module recommendations, they’re outstanding.

(John Tarvin) #25

Now, I know I MUST try some of your modules. Love the really low, moving growl of your patch. Very good and enjoyable!

(John Tarvin) #26

Really nice patch! I have now been playing with “Alan”. He seems nice enough and I like the “expansion” approach. Very flexible. Great sounds and broad selection of modules. Thank!!

(Me) #27

Here is my modest response - using it to send impulses to highly-resonant bandpass filters, and also to change the pitch and toggle delays.

Simple, but hopefully a springboard for further ideas.



The quantiser in the video is very good for generative stuff. I need to try it in an ASMR stream.


this is so cool!

(Mateusz "Ghalebor" Jedrzejewski) #30

Hello Rackerz. This time I present my second patch to VCP-26. A happy case made me think about making this patch. I like happy accidents like this one. So it was supposed to be something completely different. hmmm … more calm. And here it came out. As I started to nod my head on all sides and then my whole body began to bounce. I thought “Oh, that’s cool”, so I started to dig deeper into it. I hope you like it. A bit of positive vibrations is necessary in our lives as oxygen.

VCP-26 - Knock knock Who is there Bounced Alan.vcv (50.2 KB)


(Denis Tercier) #31

Hi, I’m really pleased that this edition makes so much enthusiasm. Before listening carefully to your work, let me share my own contribution with you:
So, here’s my entry to this edition. I’m quite “proud” to have achived making a not so bad clarinet sound with just two single oscillators and some red noise (Magic of FM) :wink: . A part a of the secret here is also the Vult stabile in SEM mode.
Two instances of GRAY CODE chained together. One working for the melody (the fastest, clocked by “clocked” and the second (slower because receiving a clock division made by the first) working for the comp voice. The clarinet can play his own voice (Sequenced with a turing machine and the two other thanks to a setup of sequential switches. More description you will see watching the video.

The patch: https://patchstorage.com/graystoke/

Cheers, waiting for your comments :slight_smile:gRAY CODE2.vcv (87.6 KB)

(Denis Tercier) #32

Hi Mateusz @jedrzejewskimk ,
Nice patch. Maybe a bit to much self oscillating filter for me. I love how you manage the sound of interzone. You could maybe have used a bit more of the gray code, but it’s just my humble opinion.
This sounds really nice and dancy, that’s the only important thing.

(Denis Tercier) #33

Hi @johnmelcher. Modest, but so clever. I realy love your patch. You could even use the mix output to modify the pitches…
Oh! man… it’s really funny. Sending gate signals to audio inputs of filters… “Fallais y penser!!!” bravo.

(Mateusz "Ghalebor" Jedrzejewski) #34

This is a masterpiece Denis. Listening to this I got the impression of listening to a real piece of jazz played live. really great piece.

(Denis Tercier) #35

Thank you very much. It took quite a long time to set up. But very instructive.

(Dataphreak2) #36

I have trouble recording video because it makes the audio click. When I record to ComplexSimpler, even if it’s clicking while I record, the recording doesn’t have the clicks. I’ve uploaded the file to sound cloud and included a picture of the patch. I hope that’s okay. Also, I can’t create an account on patch storage. Patchfile attached here. vcp-26.vcv (74.8 KB)


Grey Code is a really cool module, and I wish I had found it sooner. I’ve used it to do two things in this patch. First, it’s muting the triggers going to the drums. This gives a nice somewhat randomness to the rhythm section. Secondly, it’s providing a gate to elements/modal synthesizer. Also, the gate is getting muted occasionally by greycode as well. I think it came out pretty good.

(Adi Quinn) #37

Not totally happy with some of the harshness of this one voice, tried to subdue it with Ozone’s spectral shaper in Host-FX and didn’t quite do the trick and seemed to get worse once I uploaded to youtube, but nonetheless it was fun to make this groove and time to move on. GlitchCode (VCP-26).vcv (251.1 KB)

I took a Functional VCO-1 and inserted a square wave into Gray Code’s clock input and when you increase the pulse width of the square wave all the way it stops the Gray Code clock and freezes its outputs. I used the outputs as audio rate modulation to do all kinds of stuff throughout the patch.

Looking forward to listening to everyone’s patches, and thanks Ben for being such an excellent host of this gathering of musical experiments:)


very cool, and original.

(Adi Quinn) #39

thanks Bruce! I feel like we are only scratching the surface with Gray Code, really interesting module, thanks for making it!

(Dave Phillips) #40

Downtime chillaxation, with Squinky all over the place.