Ventura 13.5

I got a Macbook Max running 13.5, but when I downloaded Rack Pro there were a lot of missing modules, notably Host FX from VCV. Has anyone heard of this, or have had similar problems? Thanks in advance

I suspect you downloaded the ARM64 version - which is new, and not all of the modules have been ported to ARM64 yet.

Use the MacOS x64 version (run via Rosetta), and you will have all of the modules. You can install both versions if you rename the binary of the first one after installing it. It works amazing well. The ARM64 version can run more complex patches, but I have only had one patch I could not run on MacOS x64.

Eventually all of the modules should be ported to ARM64.

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Also, perhaps worth mentioning, that VCV HOST is not included in VCV Rack PRO - it’s $30 extra.

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Yes, but I have paid…

Right. Thanks, Dave. I would have expected the VCV modules to work, though. They all do on my M1 Macbook, which is why I’m surprised. I suspect it’s an OS problem…

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It’s not an OS issue so much as just the VCV Host hasn’t been ported to ARM64 yet. I imagine it will drop in the next few weeks. If you want to use it now just install the X64 version of rack and all your paid library items will be there.


And Host has been ported and appears to work fine on arm64 (just did a quick test)

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They just dropped the ARM64 version today so no need to install X64 anymore to get Host

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