Venom v2.5.0 released

Venom version 2.5.0 is now available in the library with new modules and expanders, as well as enhancements and bug fixes. As always, be sure to read the documentation to get the most out of the modules.

New Modules

  • Linear Beats
  • Linear Beats Expander
  • Mix Offset Expander
  • Mix Mute Expander
  • Mix Solo Expander
  • Mix Fade Expander
  • Mix Fade 2 Expander
  • Mix Pan Expander
  • Mix Aux Send Expander
  • Non-Octave Repeating Scale Intervallic Quantizer


  • Add hover help text to all LED lights.
  • All modules: Polyphonic ports now use brass cores, while monophonic ports use steel.
  • Shaped VCA:
    • The response curve displayed range is now -100% exp to 100% log instead of -1 to 1
    • Improved 4 quadrant logarithmic response with option for old behavior
  • Bernoulli Switch:
    • Added “Normal Value” parameter that specifies what value is normaled to the A input, either the raw trig input, or the Schmitt trigger result
    • Bernoulli Gate and Toggled Bernoulli Gate presets now send normaled Schmitt trigger gates instead of the the raw trigger input, so those modes now truly behave like the Mutable Instruments Branches.
    • Increased anti-pop crossfade time from 2.5 msec to 10 msec.

Bug Fixes

  • Bernoulli Switch: Fixed a number of bugs dealing with polyphony
  • WinComp: Force minimum tolerance of 1e-6 (behind the scene) to account for limitations of float.

Non-Octave Repeating Scale Intervallic Quantizer

I think this is the most unusual new module in this release. Rather than pick which notes you want in your scale, you select the intervals between the notes. Where it gets interesting is what those intervals can be - they need not be based on 12 tone equal temperament semitones. Nor does the scale have to repeat at an octave. I think it is a great tool for exploring non-standard tunings and scales. It can also be used to generate extended chords. There are some demos over on the development post for this release:

There are also factory presets that tuning gurus from the Surge Discord site helped me to compile to give a representative sampling of different scale types that can be done - thank you Jacky Ligon and Andreya Ek Frisk!

Linear Beats and Expander

My Rhythm Explorer has an option to create linear drumming patterns where only one drum voice is hit at any given time. The Linear Beats module brings that functionality to a stand-alone module - it can process up to 9 gates that may have coincident hits, and turn them into a linear drumming pattern. The expander provides both manual and CV controlled muting of each input and/or output, as well as manual and CV controlled disabling of Linear Beats.

Expanders for Mix 4, Mix 4 Stereo, VCA Mix 4, and VCA Mix 4 Stereo

In version 2.2.0 I released four compact mixer modules. In this release I add expanders to extend their capabilities significantly. Being modular, you can create compact constructs that have just the features that you need.

  • Offset expander - useful for converting between unipolar and bipolar signals, among other things
  • Mutes expander
  • Solo expander
  • Fade expanders (for mutes and solos)
  • Pan expander
  • Aux Send/Return expander