Venom v2.4.1 released

Venom 2.4.1 Release

Venom 2.4.1 was released to the library today with two new enhancements. Note that this version requires VCV version 2.4.0 or higher. If you download Venom v2.4.1 without updating VCV to 2.4.0 or 2.4.1 then the Venom plugin will no longer appear in your library.

VCV “Use dark panels if available” support

Each module context menu has a new “Venom Default Dark Theme” option to go along with the “Venom Default Theme” option. If a Venom module is configured to use the default theme, then the VCV “Use dark panels if available” option controls which default is used.

  • If dark panels are disabled then the normal default theme is used
  • If dark panels are enabled then the new default dark theme is used

Venom Default Dark Theme

If you want to ignore the VCV dark panels option and get the old behavior, then set both the Venom normal default and the dark default to the same theme.

The VCV dark panel option never has any effect if a specific theme is chosen for a module instance.

New custom parameter defaults

Nearly every Venom parameter has a new context menu option to set the parameter default to the current value. You can then modify the parameter, and then when you double click or initialize the parameter, it will be restored to your custom default value.

Once a custom default is set, an additional menu option is added to restore the factory default.

Custom Default

Custom defaults can be a live performance aid when you have a patch with a base starting point. You can set custom defaults for key parameters, and then during the performance change the parameter values at will. At any time you can return to the base default by initializing the parameter.

Custom defaults are saved with the patch as well with presets.

Unfortunately the current Rhythm Explorer architecture does not support custom defaults.

Parameter locks and values now stored and retrieved properly within presets.

Venom parameters that were locked used to ignore preset values (except on initial patch load). The preset behavior has been fixed so that parameter locks are stored with the preset, and parameter values are always restored properly.

Venom 2.4.0 Release

Version 2.4.0 was released about a month ago, and I forgot to provide an announcement

New Venom 3hp blank

Not particularly exciting, but here it is. All four themes are available.


New Rhythm Explorer gate output options

This is the main point of the release. Previously all Rhythm Explorer clock and division outputs were triggers (actually a gate matching the 24PPQN input clock). Version 2.4.0 gives the option for 50% and 100% gate widths for division outputs, and 50% gate widths for clock outputs.

Rhythm Explorer bases all gate start and gate end events on the incoming clock. A 1/32 division has a length of 3 clock pulses when using a 24PPQN clock, which cannot be integrally divided in half. So the 1/32 division at 50% actually yields a 33.333% width. For this reason, a new option was added to use a 48PPQN clock instead, so that all divisions can accurately produce 50% gates.

The 100% division width option causes consecutive high gates to be merged into one long tied high gate.

RE Gates

I think the new gate options open up Rhythm Explorer to a number of new uses. But the driving force behind this release was to support the new Lame Juis auto-generative melody module from “The All Electric Smart Grid” plugin.

Rhythm Explorer now pairs wonderfully with Lame Juis. I have some example videos and patches at