Venom Rhythm Explorer demo without Low Fat Milk test

Some people are reporting problems with my Venom Rhythm Explorer demo patch that uses the Low Fat Milk port of the Milk Drop visualizer. I need to determine if the problem is in my module (I hope not), or some other module. I know earlier versions of LFM caused some Rack crashes - maybe there is still a bug in LFM.

Here is my patch without any LFM. I would appreciate if someone that has experienced problems with my patch could test this version and see if it solves the problem.

Venom Melodic Rhythms no LFM.vcv (7.9 KB)


I get the following upon trying to load the new demo patch:


Windows 11

Well that is encouraging - no crash!

You can either subscribe to Airwindows

Or try this version that uses Plateau instead

Venom Melodic Rhythms Plateau no LFM.vcv (7.9 KB)

I had just subscribed to Airwindows but apparently the update in Rack did not happen correctly. After several Rack restarts, AirWindows no longer shows up in the Rack Library update view and the patch loads fine now. Thanks.

But, now I can get no audio out of the patch. I suspect AirWindows since it is right before the Audio module and the mixer shows audio present on the mixer inputs but not on the mixer outputs.

Or maybe not. I can’t even get audio out of the mixer directly.

I must be missing something simple. Is there a master enable switch somewhere in that patch? The Plateau patch behaves the same way. No audio even with my correct driver and device selected.

Argh, the clock was not running. Sorry.

So, to update, both patches without the LFM Visualizer load and work correctly with no crashes under Win11.

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Fantastic! Thanks!

I’m going to assume there is still a problem with Low Fat Milk, and Venom is fine. Whew!