Venom 2.3.2 Release with new Bernoulli Switch Expander

Venom 2.3.2 just hit the library today with the new Bernoulli Switch Expander

It is a very simple concept, adding CV inputs and attenuverters to all of the Bernoulli Switch parameters, but it opens up some really interesting opportunities for audio rate modulation.

Using a single audio signal as both A and B inputs and trigger input:

  • Use A/B scale and offset to invert and offset the audio at different levels
  • Send A and B to left and right channels to get a stereo image where A and B are correlated, but clearly differnt
  • Use toggle and/or swap mode with probability at 100% to swap left and right channels at audio rates
  • Modulate the rise and fall thresholds to get a PWM type effect
  • Modulate the A/B offset and scale to add regionalized amplitude modulation
  • Modulate the mode with a square LFO to switch between toggle and swap modes, which are basically 1 octave apart. Or use a triangle to also add in some swap mode (effectively turns off the swapping when probability is at 100%) adding yet a third timbre to the mix.

Or really mix it up and use three different audio signals for trigger, A, and B inputs

Here is a nice demonstration of what is possible using a single melodic voice for trigger, A, and B inputs, along with lots of expander modulation. Press the Proteus central New Sequence button to jump start the melody generation upon startup, else the patch may drone for a while.

BernoulliSwitchExpander Demo.vcv (3.2 KB)

Note that although the Bernoulli Switch is fully polyphonic with options for oversampling, the expander inputs are all monophonic, and are not oversampled. Also note that all inputs are additive with their corresponding parameter, except the mode input overrides the parameter value.