Velocity stupid question

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How to add velocity parameter?

thanks in advance

VEL (right side of GATE) from MIDI-CV module, in order to modulate the sound level (use another VCA behind existing and AUDIO output) or any other usage you’ll want.

So VCA cascade

Thank you👍‍‍

Absolutely! and… you’re welcome: :wink: be surethey’re no stupid question. Are you begineer about VCV Rack and/or modular world?

First VCA is modulated by envelope generator, second by VEL port. Like this:



About cable color scheme, I’m using this convention (of course, it’s personal, anybody does what he wants):

  • Red for audio signal.
  • Yellow for 1V/Oct (pitch).
  • Blue for gates, triggers, clocks.
  • Green for modulations.

I haven’t thinked to that,but in effect,seem to be a good practice :ok_hand:‍‍

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About color cable convention, I’ve seen this trick from a Omri Cohen video! (I don’t remember what the video is, I’m too old - my memory have some failures :rofl:)

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no_ I made some patches I will release one of them

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I’m lucky: this video What's new in VCV Rack 2 \\ New Design, New Cable Management, VST Version, and MORE! - YouTube (from 5:00)

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produce "click’ on the sound

no zero crossing or no volume fade

so have to slew

The velocity should go to a vca before the vca controlled by the envelope. There’s a one sample delay in each module so if you apply velocity after the envelope you get an instantaneous change in volume after the first vca passes the audio, which makes the click.

Ok I will see that

thank you