VCV's UI freezing every few seconds

Hi everybody,

Since a few hours I have this weird thing going on, every 10 to 15 seconds VCV’s UI freezes and it is unresponsive (if I am tweaking a parameter at the time I loose the control). Sounds keeps on playing like it should, it seems to only be the UI… Has anyone seen this ? Any idea ?

VCV Pro 2.4.1 ARM and Intel (tried both, both react the same), MacBook Pro M2 running Ventura 13.6.4. Yesterday I installed Live 12, but how could that be of any relevance ?

My other usual music software work like they use to (Reaper, Live 11 and 12, Logic Pro)…

I tried to play with the “View” parameters (frame rate etc), and also other parameters (Engine…) but no change, the freeze still happens quite regularly.

I haven’t started any bug report yet because it look more like something happening to my configuration rather than VCV but maybe I am wrong. Any idea anyone ?

Both stand alone and pro versions (inside Live 12) ?

Standalone only, I haven’t tried inside other DAWS yet…

I believe Rack periodically writes to disk (current patch configuration?). So if anything is slowing down/interfering with that process, I believe it could give that behavior.

My Windows machine hard drive is very ill, and the Rack UI frequently freezes. The problem started when my hard drive began acting up.

Does it do t with only a minimal patch? Could be some very poorly behaved module?

Thanks everybody for your ideas.

I checked the disk, it had some errors, which I managed to get rid off starting in recovery mode and then running SOS from there, but yet I had the same problem.

Then I checked @Squinky 's idea by removing modules one by one, and found the culprit !! It was Host FX running Arturia’s Tape MELLO-FI… In the end the solution was to reinstall Arturia Software Center because for an unknown reason it was not running in the background anymore and because of that was causing the UI freeze in VCV… It is not clear why and how I got there, but it works ! Thanks for the idea !!