đź–¤ vcvrack

I recently lost all my eurorack, and hardware for that matter, so in case I haven’t said this lately, I seriously love vcvrack with all my body. It’s not one for one, but it’s so close I can stave off GAS (mostly…kind of want a bigger monitor…and maybe a more powerful laptop…and maybe a better audio interface).

Now I just gotta take some time to skin things to the same color and knobs


Heck yeah! sorry to hear about your eurorack… Funny enough. I watched one of Divkid’s video’s of the top 5 sold modules at some Synth shop. Each module, not exaggerating, was digital. here we go!

Cool Breeze Nice

I’m fully with you. Never have a GAS or been a synth geek. (Modern) Software just sounds bigger and better and has fastest workflow in the world. Thanks to such people as Ableton and Andrew Belt with other developers of VCV modules of course!

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