VCVRack won't start - White Screen

Hello there, I’m having this issue with it that, when started it takes forever to start up and when it does launch it just a big white screen and task manager even says Not responding. Like it’s hanging on something, but I have no idea what it would be as I have nothing else open on my computer. I have tried restarting, reinstalling and making sure nothing else is running that could interfere with it.

Any help or subjection to fix the issue?

Thanks! Jack

Computer: Windows 10 Pro, Core-9i, 64GB and RTX 2070.

Hi Jack. Welcome to the community.

Three suggestions:

  1. Delete autosave-v1.vcv and restart Rack.
  2. If Rack won’t start, then rename the plugins-v1 folder, create a new plugins-v1 folder, copy in ~ half the plugins and restart Rack. If that works, copy the other half in. If a rogue plugin is the problem you can narrow down which it is fairly quickly by copying in blocks of them. If a plugin is the problem then you report it to the plugin’s Github issue tracker.
  3. If Rack still won’t start with no plugins loaded then see here: Bugs and Features — VCV Rack documentation.