VCVRack switch audio interface on startup.

When I launch VCV standalone it switches to a different audio interface. I have a DAC and a TASCAM interface and if I have audio routed to the DAC, my default, when I start VCV it always switches to the TASCAM. I’ve tried having a VCV AUDIO device routed to the DAC in the init patch, which seemed to work for the rest of the day but then reverted to switching devices. Is anyone seeing this? Or know if there’s a setting to change it? Thanks

Out on a limb here, but could your TASCAM one be the OS’s default output device? If so then that is likely the reason.

Not directly an answer, but for me VCV always remembers the last audio device it was using - when i work on a patch on my desktop at home and my laptop elsewhere i always have to reset the audio device. Does your copy of VCVRack not just go back to whatever it was using the last time you openeed it?

Can’t answer that as I only use one audio interface so that is always the one selected as it’s also the default OS output device. Never saw it switch to the internal audio (the only other output choice besides virtual ones (Blackhole/soundflower/whenetev your OS supports). Check startup messages in log.txt to see which default device it sees and opens when starting Rack…

Thanks. No, the DAC is set as default in Windows.

Thanks all.

I’ve checked out the log file and can see it listing the devices and all are listed. Which is odd in itself, I tried disabling the TASCAM in Windows setup and VCV goes right on scanning them and selecting the TASCAM regardless! I can see when it loads the AUDIO device and it even says it’s opening the DAC as it’s output device. But Windows has switched to the TASCAM. And that was the clue.

I initially found the problem because I was watching videos and following along, but as soon as I launched VCV the sound from youtube stopped. I’d then go to Windows Setup, change it back to the DAC and everything worked again.

What I just found is that VCV IS sending sound to the DAC, but Windows thinks the TASCAM is the output and youtube sends it’s sound there. Who’s at fault? Is it VCV for somehow grabbing the DAC in exclusive mode? Is it Windows for picking another output when VCV steals the DAC and letting VCV go to exclusive mode when it’s turned off? All of the above and neither, and I don’t think it’s going to get fixed. I’ll resort to disconnecting the TASCAM when not in use, not ideal, but I can live with it.